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St. Louis Dispatch Account


Terriers World Champions

ST. LOUIS, MO. July 13, 1905 -- (Special) -- The intercollegiate basketball championship games were played in World's Fair gymnasium today, the world's championship banner going to Hiram College, of Hiram, O.[sic], Wheaton College, of Wheaton, Ill, was second, and the Latter Day Saints' College, of Salt Lake City, Utah, third.

The first game was played at 10 o'clock this morning between Hiram and Wheaton, and resulted in a victory for Hiram, the score being 25 to 20. At 2 o'clock this afternoon, Wheaton defeated the latter Day Saints' team by a score of 40 to 35. The final game at 4 o'clock between Hiram and the Latter Day Saints, was won by Hiram by a score of 25 to 18.

To the winning team was presented a banner, emblematic of the championship, and individual medals of gold. Wheaton and Latter Day Saints received silver and bronze medals, respectively. The officials were: Martin Delaney, of St. Louis, referee; Dr. Kennedy, of Chicago, umpire; F.A. Grinley, scorer, and S.B. McPheeters, timekeeper.

After their long string of victories in Ohio, where they won the State championship in basketball, the Hiram team was confident of victory from the start. But they had to fight hard for the championship, for the playing was fast and fierce from the time play began till [sic] the end of each half. The Hiram players were remarkably fast on their feet, and baskets came comparatively easy for them, though the shooting was entirely of a scientific order, little luck figuring in the score-making.

The Hiram team and their friends are jubilant over the great victory! The team was composed of the following players: John J. Line, captain, right forward; Paul Wilson, left forward; Wallace Smith, center; Carl L. Clark [sic], right guard; and Lester J. Hurd, left guard. Ben D. Phillips, Earl L. Clark [sic], G.A Vincent, Harry Munn and Carl Harmon were substitutes.