Terrier Sound and Hiram Fight Song

Terrier Sound, Hiram’s new pep band, invited faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of our community last year to write the words to Hiram’s fight song. The contest ended on December 31st.

When members of the Fight Song Committee reviewed the seven entries, paying special attention to word flow and the meaning of the texts, they decided that no one song could stand alone as the Hiram College Fight Song.

So the committee members merged the best of the seven entries into one coherent song of four verses, choosing two verses submitted by Don Farrell of Bowling Green, Kentucky, and one verse from Hiram first-year Katie Dragga and one verse from Hiram sophomore Lauren Sturdivant.

The committee that fused the verses included Justin Kelly, associate professor of music; Shawn Brown, assistant dean of the Center for Adult Studies; Jennifer Schuller, associate director of alumni relations and annual giving; LeAnn Starlin, coordinator of campus involvement; Nate Koven, Student Senate vice president, and Joe Gaither.

Sturdivant contributed verse No. 1, for which she received a $50 gift certificate to the Hiram College Bookstore. Dragga added verse No. 2 and also received a $50 bookstore gift certificate. Farrell received $100 in bookstore merchandise for his contribution of verses No. 3 and 4.

The following verses are sung to the pre-selected tune “Our Director” by F.E. Bigelow (listen to the tune).



Hooray for Hiram (Terrier Fight Song)

Hooray, hooray for Hiram
Loyal, brave, and true
Heading for battle
Terriers see us through

There’s no one who can beat us,
Vic’try is here!
Fight, Win, oh Hiram
We have no fear!

Let’s cheer
For Hiram Col-lege
For red and blue
Fight like a Terr-ier
Loyal, brave, and true

Go team
Of Hiram Col-lege
Play hard and well
Then we’ll ring
Hiram’s vic’try bell!